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Penis Enlargement Exercises

* The information on this page is NOT a medical advice, it is for informational purposes only. You should see a Doctor or Urologist if you are seriously considering penis enlargement. The author has no responsibility in any injuries or health problems you may sustain from this material directly or indirectly. Reader assumes all responsibility for their actions and by proceeding from this point on you are legally agreeing to this. Once again, this is to be taken as information only.

First of all, the most important thing to remember is that in order to achieve positive penis enlargement results you have to be dedicated and consistent. The penis enlargement exercise schedule should be 5 days a week, and you can work your way up to 6. Make sure to always leave a day off, so that your penis had time to rebuild itself, otherwise it would be a waste of your time and it can even hurt your penis enlargement results.

The first technique is called Kegel or PC flex. It is one of the most helpful penis enlargement exercises, because it helps prevent prostate cancer and also gives you rock-hard erections. This penis enlargement exercise is based on training your PC muscle. If you don’t know where that muscle is, the next time you are urinating stop the urine flow. The muscle that you used to stop the urine is the PC muscle. Strong PC muscles directly correlate with longer lasting and stronger orgasms.

So here is what you do: squeeze and release your PC muscle. Start with 20-30 a day and work your way up to 300 every day. You don’t have to do 300 at one time, you can break it into several sets, and you can do it wherever you are.

The second penis enlargement exercise, called the Length Extender, is the basis of all length exercises. This exercise stretches your erectile tissue. It should be done sitting on an edge of a chair or couch, although some people prefer to do it standing up.

Make sure your penis is limp and take a firm grip around the head of your penis with one hand. The other hand should go around the first hand ensuring a tight grip. Pull out directly in front of you to feel a good stretch and count 30 seconds. Make sure not to cause any pain. Repeat 10 times.

Relax and slap your penis against your leg about 100 times to get the blood flowing. After that you can rest for a minute. 

Now repeat the two steps described above for each direction – left, right, up and down. Don’t forget to get the blood flowing by slapping your penis against your leg or massaging it in between the pulling. Again make sure not to cause any pain or discomfort but yet try to pull as much as you can.

Next, grip your penis again except for this time instead of pulling it you will rotate it in a circular motion to the left about 30 times, and then 30 times to the right. Do at least 5 sets in each direction and end by slapping your penis against your leg for about 100 times.

The next exercise, called Jelq, is mainly to increase the girth of your penis. It has been around for centuries and has been used by many tribes and cultures. This exercise repeatedly forces blood into penis therefore engorging it with it. Over the course of time the blood cells become larger and are able to hold more blood, therefore making the penis wider in girth. This exercise will take up 20-30 minutes and will require lubrication, preferably water-based. Baby oil will work perfect. Get yourself about 80% erect, you will know that you are there if you are hard but still able to bend it easily. Take your left hand and make an ok symbol with your fingers. Grip the base of your penis holding your fingers like that. Keeping a tight grip, slide your fingers toward the head. Make sure that you are pushing blood, not just the skin. Once you are up at the head, switch hands and do it again. Start out with doing 25 of these in the first week and work your way up by adding 25 each week until you reach 200 jelqs. Remember to always keep the blood flowing by massaging your penis in between sets. 

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