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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery is the only permanent way of penis enlargement. It consists of two parts: the first intended to increase the girth and the second – to increase the length. Usually men choose to have both procedures done at the same time. Increasing the girth is based on transplanting the fat cells around the penis. These cells are usually taken from the patient’s abdomen. The possible drawback of this part of the surgery is that the transplanted fat cells can disappear as they can be re-absorbed back into the body. Sometimes, this re-absorption can be uneven and the penis can start looking lumpy.

An alternative to the fat transfer method is “dermal transfer” which can help solve the fat re-absorption problem. For this medical procedure strips of skin and fat combined together are used. The skin stops the fat from being re-absorbed into the body but because this procedure requires strips of skin and fat to be implanted onto the penis the surgery is more difficult and the risk of disfigurement is much greater.

Penis lengthening procedures work different from the ones increasing the girth. Corpora Cavernosa is the penis tissue that fills up with blood. This tissue extends from the penis back into the body. In some cases, half of the Corpora Cavernosa may be hidden inside the body. Penis lengthening relies on releasing this hidden tissue which translates into penis’s length increase. In order to achieve that, the surgeon cuts the ligaments that keep the Corpora Cavernosa attached within the body. This pushes the hidden part of the penis forward thus creating additional penis length outside the body. This part of the surgery can have great results, although sometimes it’s only a small increase.

The side effect of the lengthening surgery is the fact that after the ligaments are no longer attached to anything, the penis is floating loose. This could cause issues when the penis is erect. Without being attached to the pubic bone, the penis could shift around during sexual intercourse, thus causing erections to point downward.

Another drawback of this type of penis enlargement is its cost, which could range from $4,000 to $5,000 dollars and up to $17,000

As with any other type of surgery there are potential risks of things going wrong, causing post operative infections, damage to tissues and nerves surrounding the penis, or scars on the penile tissues itself, side effects of anesthesia are also possible.

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